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Solar Collector

The Heliostorage metallic roof solar collector is made out of solid weather proof aluminium with a polycarbonate glass cover. The patented profile works as both, roof and solar collector.

In our tests we have achieved 45% efficiency in generation. By using our solar roof you save in roofing costs and your building becomes self sustaining in energy.

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Storage Controller

The Heliostorage controller monitors and controls the flow and temperatures of the solar collector and thermal energy storage to optimize available heat energy.

The self learning control algorithms control harvesting of solar energy, storage of it into the bedrock as well as the recovery of the energy. With the help of our proprietary optimisation technology we are able to get higher efficiency from the existing solar collectors.

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Thermal Energy Storage

The Heliostorage thermal storage is built by drilling a number of 35-45 meter deep holes in the bedrock. The seasonal storage is dimensioned according to the energy consumption of the building.

Propylene Glycol or plain water is pumped in tubes to store and recover heat from the bedrock storage. In the winter the storage provides 30-70°C heat.

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