Bedrock is the new battery.
Charge it with the sun!

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We are a Finnish high tech startup founded in 2016. Our aim is to contribute to a cleaner environment by replacing current fossil heating solutions with sustainable, emission free solar alternatives.

Stay warm and save money

Traditional heat pump systems consume a lot of energy. Annual electricity costs for a single family household can add up to a lot of money. Heat pumps last typically for about 10 years even when serviced regularly. With borehole thermal energy storage there is no need for a heat pump. Energy is used only to circulate water, which is a fraction of the cost of running a heat pump.

What do we do?

Our high temperature bedrock storage technology provides all year solar heating for real estate owners paying for expensive fossil based heating. We collect solar heat, store it at 70°C in the bedrock and recover it for heating in winter. Unlike heat pump systems, our seasonal heat storage solution only has the running cost of a water circulation pump.

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Job openings / Avoimet työpaikat

Automation Engineer

Heliostorage is looking for an ambitious automation engineer to join our team in Kokkola, Finland. We develop and sell our revolutionary seasonal thermal storage system to enable use of waste and solar heat in winter thereby minimizing C02 emissions and costs of heating. Check our webpage for more info on the system.

The position:

In your daily work you will be responsible for development of our thermal storage system in co-operation with our team and partners at the Geological Survey of Finland GTK and Centria University of Applied Sciences. You will maintain our Linux based control system and participate in the design of our controller and hybrid solar collector. Further you will participate in the management and development of our customer projects.

We appreciate:

Automation engineering skills and understanding of Linux
Understanding of renewable energy
An ambitious attitude to technology
Mechanical designing and HVAC skills are considered a plus


Timo Sivula
045 624 5150

Kesäharjoittelija: Ohjelmistosuunnittelu

Heliostorage hakee kahteen uusiutuvan energian startupiin ohjelmistosuunnittelijaa Kokkolaan. Kehitämme aurinko- ja hukkalämpöön perustuvia uusiutuvan energian ratkaisuja. Haemme nyt kesäksi kesätyöntekijäksi ohjelmistosuunnittelijaa osallistumaan kehitystyöhömme.


Auttaa ohjelmistovaatimusten määrittelyssä
Osallistuu järjestelmämme suunnitteluun ja ohjelmointiin
Suunnittelee ja suorittaa ohjelmistotestausta


Linux ja erityisesti Raspberry Pi osaamista
Kielitaito: Skriptaus, Python, C#
Avoin asenne ja innostus uuteen

Ota yhteyttä:

Timo Sivula
045 624 5150

Summer Trainee: Software Development

Heliostorage is looking for a summer trainee to our two solar- and renewable energy development projects in Kokkola, Finland.


Support in developing software requirements
Participate in software development for our systems
Plan and perform testing of developed software

We appreciate:

Knowledge of Linux and especially Raspberry Pi
Languages: Scripting, Python and C#
Open attitude and a curious mind


Timo Sivula
045 624 5150

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