Reduce Your Energy Bills And Lower Your Emissions

We utilize thermal and electrical energy storage to harness the power of renewables giving you optimal energy efficiency at the lowest possible cost.

Reduce Your Energy Bills And Lower Your Emissions

We utilize thermal and electrical energy storage to harness the power of renewables giving you optimal energy efficiency at the lowest possible cost.

Reduce Your Heating Bills And Lower Your Emissions

We utilize thermal and electrical energy storage to harness the power of renewables giving you optimal energy efficiency at the lowest possible cost.

Helping Europe Achieve Net Zero: Our Gigaton Reduction Goal

At the heart of our mission is a bold ambition: to contribute to Europe’s net zero target by slashing a gigaton of emissions for our customers by 2050. This ambition transcends mere figures; it’s pivotal if Europe is to have a sustainable and independent energy future. 

This goal is not just about reaching a numerical target; it’s about making a substantial contribution to Europe’s journey towards sustainability and energy independence. We initiated our mission with an emphasis on thermal energy storage, recognizing its pivotal role in reducing carbon emissions. Considering that over half of Europe’s energy consumption is dedicated to heating and cooling, with a concerning 62% of heat generated using fossil fuels, it became clear that our efforts in thermal energy storage could deliver the most significant environmental benefits. This led us to focus on seasonal thermal energy storage, specifically designed to overcome the challenge of matching the seasonal supply of heat with varying demand throughout the year

Heliostorage in Numbers

Our commitment to achieving a gigaton reduction in emissions is a testament to our belief in the power of innovation to address climate challenges. Join us as we work towards a cleaner, sustainable future for Europe, harnessing the potential of advanced storage solutions to make a significant impact on the continent’s energy landscape and its NetZero ambitions.

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Maximizing Heat Production with Minimal Energy: Our Innovative Approach

When it comes to decarbonizing heating, you might already be considering heat pumps for their efficiency. But what if you could achieve even more significant savings and efficiency? By integrating solar thermal collectors and a seasonal thermal energy storage a heat pump, Heliostorage enables you to produce the required thermal energy while using approximately 25% of the electrical energy typically consumed by heat pumps alone.

This innovative approach translates into substantial electricity bill savings for you — up to 89% compared to oil heating. Our seasonal thermal energy storage works by capturing heat through solar thermal collectors and storing it in boreholes underground, much like charging a battery. This ‘earth battery’ stores the summer heat until winter, when it’s used to heat your buildings. This process not only recycles heat but also dramatically cuts down your CO₂ emissions, as there’s no need to burn oil or gas for heating.

Sustainable Heating and Cooling

In 2020, Europe’s heat production amounted to 599 TWh with 62.1% of that heat coming from fossil fuels, such as oil & gas. Not only is this an issue for our climate, it also contributes to Europe’s energy crisis. Instability and conflict in the region is currently limiting supply of fossil fuels and driving up costs.

Heat pumps are a reasonable alternative to oil and gas as they produce 3 kWh of thermal energy for every 1 kWh of electricity used, however, they are less efficient when it’s cold outside. This is where Heliostorage comes in.

We reduce the amount of time that the heat pump is needed, utilizing the free heat from the sun when suitable. During the colder months, we boost the efficiency of the heat pump by feeding it warm water, allowing the maximum efficiency which can be up to 8 kWh for 1 kWh electricity, resulting in a much lower cost of heating.

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Adapting to the Changing Energy Markets

After our thermal storage systems had been successfully deployed across various sites, we noticed an emerging challenge faced by our customers: the fluctuation of electrical energy prices, particularly influenced by the dynamics of the spot market. This market, integral to balancing the supply and demand of renewable energy, occasionally saw energy prices drop significantly, sometimes to zero. It was within this context that we saw an opportunity to extend the capabilities of our smart control software, which had already proven effective in managing thermal storage. By adapting this software to also monitor and respond to the fluctuations in the spot market, we could use low-cost grid electricity to power a heat pump.

The Heliostorage Ecosystem

Having fine-tuned our smart controller to monitor the spot market for optimal electricity pricing, the natural progression of our ecosystem was to embrace electrical storage. This addition was aimed at further reducing our customers’ energy bills, providing them with more control over their energy usage and costs. Our 70kWh all-in-one battery solution emerged from this evolution, tailored to meet the needs of small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) seeking to mitigate energy price volatility. This battery system offers significant benefits, including enhanced energy independence, improved sustainability through better utilization of renewable energy, and cost savings by leveraging low spot market prices. It represents a strategic step in our ongoing effort to support Europe’s transition towards a more sustainable and economically stable energy future.

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