We Keep You Warm in the Cold Seasons

Seasonal Thermal Energy Storage Solutions that download the summer for upload in winter.

The Company

Heliostorage is a privately held company located in Kokkola, Finland. The business concept was initiated by a team of enthusiastic young engineers in 2012, with multiple product pilots being deployed before Heliostorage was officially founded in 2019.

Heliostorage provides a clean, cost efficient solution that can replace existing heating systems while reducing the impact on the environment. The emission free thermal energy storage system captures and stores low temperature solar or waste heat to later use for heating buildings. The system includes a unique smart technology controller, which optimizes the flow according to the exact needs. The Heliostorage thermal energy storage consists of unique patented technology and unlike anything else on the market.

How it Started

A brief history of our organization.

As with many other successful companies, the Heliostorage story began in a garage with some enthusiastic engineers brainstorming to make heating more efficient.

The idea started from identifying heat supply and demand. During winter, there is limited sunshine and buildings need heat – during summer, the sun is shining and buildings need cooling. 

This provoked a question: What if summer heat and/or the cold winter could be stored to later be utilized when needed?

This sparked the young talented engineers into action in 2015. The first drafts of the system were tested on local demo sites, eventually finding the optimal balance of efficiency, overcoming many challenges along the way. This ultimately lead the way to a fast-growing global customer base.

By 2020, a major goal was reached: we were solving customer problems providing clean and stable heating. This gives our customers energy independence and security. As a further benefit, we’ve helped our customers to reduce wasted energy, while reducing their emissions, making our planet a cleaner place to live.

During these years, we have gathered knowledge, data, skills, and experience that is unparalleled else in the field. We have been able to build our solution from the highest quality, durable materials. We have created flawless algorithms allowing our controller to usher in a new era in energy efficiency. 

Let’s Solve the Problem Together

50% of all energy in Europe is for heating. There is an energy crisis going on while copious amounts of energy are being wasted every minute, every day. Why not collect that energy (waste- or solar heat), store it, and utilize it when needed? This would not only reduce heating costs to a fraction of alternative heating solution expenses, but it would also help to preserve the environment that we are responsible for together. 

Looking for an Alternative Heating Solution?

If you have a heating demand in excess of 300 MWh and would like to see if Heliostorage could help you to lower your energy bill, complete the questionnaire and we will get back to you shortly.


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