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The Company

Heliostorage is a privately held company located in Kokkola, Finland. The business concept was initiated by a team of enthusiastic young engineers in 2012, with multiple product pilots being deployed before Heliostorage was officially founded in 2019. The overarching focus of the company is to contribute substantially to the goals set by the Paris agreement to achieve net zero emissions by 2050. Heliostorage, with it’s products focused on efficient energy storage, hopes to contribute to one gigaton in emission reductions for our customers.

How it Started

A brief history of our organization.

Heliostorage’s journey began with a group of creative engineers in a garage, determined to make heating better and more efficient. They were driven by the age old issue caused by seasonality; In winter, when it’s cold and sunny days are rare, buildings need heating. In summer, when there’s plenty of sun, buildings need cooling.

This led to a clever idea in 2015: what if you could save the summer’s heat, or winter’s cold, and use it when you actually needed it?

With that question in mind, these engineers got to work. They experimented and tested with various configurations of solar thermal for heat capture, and borehole storage for saving the heat. Multiple iterations of the solution were tweaked and improved until they got it just right. By 2019, they had achieved a solution that was both technically and commercially viable and so Heliostorage was born.

The solution provided customers with consistent, reliable heating, without the need for fossil fuels, all while using less electricity than a heat-pump-only system. Not only did the solution provide emission reductions, but also cost reductions that would benefit customers for years to come.

Through persistent effort, the Heliostorage team has continually refined their systems, leveraging data to enhance their smart controller for even greater energy efficiency. Recognizing that storage is a crucial element in energy management, they expanded their ecosystem to include electrical energy storage. Spring 2024 marked the debut of their all-in-one battery storage solution, offering customers an efficient, cost-effective way to manage their electricial energy consumption.

Let’s Solve the Problem Together

Is your company facing challenges due to increased energy prices and the need to reduce emissions? Many opportunities exist to address these challenges by adding thermal and/or electrical storage. Heliostorage can help you to analyize your current usage and costs, proposing solutions that will reduce your energy bills and improve overall system efficiency, while also reducing your emissions! Get in touch today to find out more.

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