Borehole Thermal Energy Storage (BTES)

Borehole Thermal Energy Storage (BTES)

Large Scale Thermal Energy Storage

The Heliostorage borehole thermal energy storage solution provides large-scale underground energy storage that enables the long term, energy efficient and eco-friendly storage of heat. One of the biggest challenges with any sensible heat storage solution is overcoming losses. Through multiple iterations and variations of drilling patterns over an 8 year period, the Heliostorage team have created an optimized borehole configuration that effectively charges and discharges the earth converting it into a heat battery

Algorithms in our smart controller manage the distribution of heat to maintain a hot core, with the outer rings of the storage holding progressively lower temperatures. The system increases in efficiency each year for the first 5 years before reaching a peak efficiency up to 75%.

The BTES stores temperatures from 30 to 95 degrees Celsius, with the possibility of storing higher temperatures up to 300 degrees Celsius with the addition of a central storage tank. Heat can be from multiple sources such as solar thermal, waste heat from industrial processes, heat from compressors, heat from hydrogen production and other sources of waste heat. In many cases, the heat we store is viewed as being otherwise useless.

Our current installations range in size from 100 MWh up to 1 GWh, with a 2 GWh installation being deployed in Q2 2024. Boreholes are typically 20 to 60 meters deep with the surface of the BTES being as wide as it is deep. Once the BTES has been installed, it is insulated and covered allowing the land to be used for other purposes such as for a car park, a sports field or a field for crops.

Borehole Thermal Energy Storage

In cases where drilling is not possible due to fast moving underground water, we can install a spiral thermal energy storage (SPTES) which uses a unique layered spiral configuration of underground pipes that works much like a BTES but at a shallower depth without the need for drilling.

Improve Heat Pump Efficiency

The BTES can be used to improve the efficiency of an existing heat pump, reducing electricity usage.

Looking for an Alternative Heating Solution?

For businesses with heating needs over 300 MWh seeking a comprehensive solution, Heliostorage offers a seasonal thermal energy storage system designed to reduce energy costs and lower carbon emissions. Simply click the button below to provide your details, and we’ll reach out with a technical analysis and quote, illustrating how our Seasonal Thermal Energy Storage can benefit you.


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