Industrial Waste Heat

Turning Waste Heat into Usable Heat

Did you know that 50% of the worlds energy is wasted heat? Energy production, manufacturing and industrial processes all generate heat. Most of these processes require cooling, and that cooling carries the excess heat away.

Whereas companies do their best to utilise the heat in order to prevent waste, there is still an excess of waste heat, particularly at temperatures between 60 and 90 degrees Celsius. This temperature of heat is often believed to be less valuable and is consequently spilled into rivers or evaporated into the atmosphere.

Rather than spilling this excess heat away, it can be utilised for heating buildings. By storing the heat in a BTES (Borehole thermal energy storage), it can be saved until it is needed, when it can be retrieved for heating of buildings during colder months.

The volumes of heat can be significant and may even be sufficient to replace a current oil or gas heating system. If there is additional heat demand, solar collectors and/or a small heat pump can be combined with the system giving you energy independence and reducing the impact of fuel price fluctuations.

Case Study - Finn Spring Bottling Plant

Finn Spring is the largest producer of bottled water in Finland. This installation was commissioned in February 2019. The smart controller software synchronizes and optimizes three process compressors in the bottling plant. Heat from the BTES is used to heat the plant during winter. The pipe work uses a PEX and PERT tubing.  BTES core temperature in August 2020 was 60 °C.

BTES Capacity


BTES Boreholes



Degrees Celsius

Borehole Depth


Watch this short video to find out more about our Finn Spring installation where we capture waste heat from compressors for heating the building during winter.

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