Commercial Heat

Efficient Heating for Your Commercial Buildings

In the current economic climate, the cost of heating is substantial for many companies. Finding an efficient heating solution may be pivotal for your company to sustain profitability, or for your school or university to operate within restrictive budgets. If that heating solution also reduces your carbon footprint, it brings even more benefit.

Switching from oil, or gas heating to the Heliostorage thermal energy storage solution will ensure that you save more money on your energy bill than any other solution on the market.

An installation in early spring will ensure that you get to capitalise on the summer sun, so you already have some heat reserves before the heating season begins.

Case Study - Kaustisen Evankelinen Opisto

Kaustisen Evankelinen Opisto is a school in Northern Finland where they were using a heat pump for heating purposes. We installed seasonal thermal energy storage to boost the efficiency of their heat pump and reduce their electricity bills. The site was commissioned in 2020 and has been providing efficient heating since then.

BTES Capacity


BTES Boreholes


Solar Capacity


Borehole Depth


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