Heliostorage Smart Controller

The Role of the Smart Controller

The Heliostorage smart controller monitors, manages, and controls the energy balance in the entire system including solar thermal collectors, storage, heat pump (optional) and other components. Sensors throughout the system send real time data to the controller which lets the controller algorithms measure the impact of any changes.

These algorithms have been designed to make the most efficient use of the heat available. This can mean that the heat is passed directly from the solar collectors to the heat consumer (hot water tank or heating system). Or, the heat may be passed to a heat pump to boost its efficiency. If there is no immediate use for the heat, it will be sent to storage for later use.

Recovering Heat from Storage

When it comes to storage, the BTES has a unique segmented ring formation. The controller manages the heat in all rings and segments. It will pass the heat to the area within the storage that is most efficient in order to maintain a high core temperature.

When recovering heat from storage, the smart controller algorithms will decide the from which segment to take the heat in order to maintain high efficiency and minimize losses. The heat can be passed directly to the heat consumer, or alternatively to a heat pump to boost its efficiency. Managing the energy balance in this way maximizes efficiency while keeping running costs to a minimum.

Heiostorage Smart Controller Master Slave

What's in the Box?

The smart controller is a cabinet that contains all of the needed pumps, valves, and electronics. The controller comes in various sizes depending on the heating demand.

For large installations, the controller is divided in to a master cabinet, which remains within the control room, and a slave unit, which is housed in a small bunker at the centre of the storage.

Cloud Based Smart Control

The smart controller is accessible online via cloud service so you can see your heat maps from where you are. The controller provides data, both real-time and historical. The data can be used to identify issues, improve efficiency and to get data on emission savings. Software can be updated remotely using our secure gateway.

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