Intelligent All-in-One Battery Storage For Your Business

Unlock the potential of seamless energy management with our all-in-one battery storage solution. Tailored for businesses seeking reliability, efficiency, and significant cost savings amidst fluctuating energy costs.

What is Battery Storage and Why is it needed?

Battery storage acts as a strategic reserve for electricity, crucial for businesses navigating the fluctuations of the energy market, particularly with the increasing integration of renewable sources like wind and solar. These renewables, while sustainable, offer intermittent energy supply, making it challenging to ensure a consistent power flow for operational needs.

For businesses, this technology is akin to a financial hedge against energy volatility. It stores excess electricity when supply exceeds demand and renewables are at peak production, then distributes this stored power during shortages or peak demand periods, mitigating the risk of energy price spikes. This not only reduces wasted energy but also enables businesses to capitalize on lower energy costs by purchasing or storing electricity when prices are low and consuming it when prices are high.

Moreover, battery storage contributes to grid stability, an essential factor for maintaining uninterrupted business operations. By smoothing out the supply-demand curve, it prevents potential outages and enhances the overall resilience of the energy system. This strategic approach to energy management positions businesses to benefit from cost savings, operational reliability, and a stronger commitment to sustainability by optimizing renewable energy usage.

Key features of the Heliostorage All-In-One Battery Solution

Our innovative all-in-one solution seamlessly combines battery cells, inverters, and a smart controller into a streamlined, single unit, significantly reducing installation expenses and simplifying the entire setup process. Available in 12kW/70kWh or 24kW/70kWh configurations, with the ability to link up to 10 units together, our system is designed to scale alongside your evolving energy requirements, offering a durable and adaptable solution for both residential and commercial settings.

At the core of our product is a commitment to safety and durability. With active cooling and detailed temperature monitoring for all serial connections, our system actively prevents the cell degradation that excessive heat can cause. This careful temperature control ensures each battery cell functions within its ideal range, enhancing both the longevity and efficacy of the system.

Our smart control technology enables real-time utilization of the most economical energy sources. It dynamically adjusts energy consumption and storage based on a thorough analysis of demand, supply, and grid prices, ensuring you always benefit from the most cost-efficient energy rates. The system’s design to work effortlessly with existing solar PV setups allows for the direct storage of excess solar power for future use, eliminating the need for any inverter modifications.

Technical Specifications

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Your Path to Smart Energy Management

With our advanced battery storage solutions, you’re equipped to tackle the challenges of energy costs and sustainability head-on. Enjoy the benefits of efficient energy storage and the peace of mind that comes with backup power and reduced dependence on the grid. As your business evolves, our scalable system grows with you, ensuring you’re always ahead in the energy game. 

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