5 Smart Strategies to Maximize Your Solar Investment with Heliostorage

Has your business taken the leap into sustainability by installing a solar photovoltaic (PV) system, only to find yourself grappling with the complexities of maximizing its potential? You're not alone. Many companies invest in solar PV with the vision of harnessing clean energy, but encounter challenges when it comes to optimizing the energy.

As electricity prices climb and the need for energy independence becomes ever more pressing, it’s not enough to simply generate solar power. The true value of PV becomes evident only when energy usage is strategically monitored, stored, and optimized. Heliostorage can help to ensure that businesses like yours can squeeze every bit of value from your solar investment. Here are five expert strategies to transform your solar PV system from a passive generator into an active cornerstone of your energy strategy.

1. Real Time Monitoring

To truly capitalize on your solar PV system, monitoring in real-time is essential. The Heliostorage smart controller is the cornerstone of this process, offering up-to-the-minute weather data and performance alerts. If your panels need cleaning or a solar cell is faulty, prompt alerts enable quick action, reducing downtime and ensuring a consistent supply of clean energy. The Heliostorage smart controller empowers you to use your solar energy more effectively and confidently.

Real time monitoring for when to clean solar PV

2. Optimize Production, Grid Energy, and Consumption

Leveraging the data from real-time monitoring, along with predictive market pricing and weather forecasts, the Heliostorage smart controller advises on the most efficient operating modes. Whether it’s Balancing mode, which harmonizes trading with self-use; Trading mode, focusing on profitability; Self-Use mode, prioritizing direct consumption; or Manual mode, giving you control over charging and discharging times—the controller tailors your energy usage to align perfectly with solar production, market prices, and your company’s energy needs.

Optimize Production, Grid Energy, and Consumption

3. Utilize Battery Storage

Integrating battery storage into your solar PV system ensures that every watt produced by the sun can be stored and utilized if not immediately needed. This critical reserve acts as a financial buffer against the fluctuations in energy prices. The stored energy is then available to offset consumption during peak demand times or can be sold back to the grid. Heliostorage’s smart controller utilizes our robust 70 kWh battery to ensure you can make the most of your solar PV system. This strategic approach reduces costs by strategically storing or using solar energy, reinforcing operational resilience and advancing your sustainability goals.

Energy Storage Solutions

4. Power Your Heat Pump with Low Cost Electricity

If your company uses a heat pump for heating and hot water, the Heliostorage smart controller can help to ensure low-cost electricity is available when prices are high. This will benefit your bottom line while ensuring your employees are comfortably warm. If you have deployed the Heliostorage seasonal thermal energy storage, the smart controller can also use excess electricity to power the heat pump charging your thermal storage. We believe that no energy should go to waste, and so any excess energy can be stored either as electric energy or thermal energy.

5. Smart Charging for Electric Vehicles (EVs)

For businesses that have transitioned to electric vehicles, the Heliostorage smart controller can efficiently provide energy stored in our battery, either from your solar PV or the grid, to charge your EVs. The smart controller identifies the best charging intervals based on your solar production and consumption patterns, ensuring the most cost-effective use of your power, keeping your EVs ready to go.

Smart Charging for Electric Vehicles (EVs)

Implement these practical strategies and step confidently into a future where your business not only saves on costs but also contributes to a cleaner environment. Your solar PV system isn’t just a part of your business; with Heliostorage, it’s a dynamic asset working tirelessly for the planet and your pocket.

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